The Brown House

The original home on the Allandale property is called the “Brown House” and was erected around 1852 along the fabled Old Stage Road. This road was a primary thoroughfare between the Tennessee State Capital and Washington, D.C., and was traveled in its time by presidents, dignitaries, and other high-ranking government officials.

The home was built by Robert and Obenaida Phillips Netherland, and somehow managed to accommodate their family [which included no less than 12 children] until 1885. Surrounded by 1,400 acres of land, the property was a gift to Mrs. Netherland by her father, Mr. Joshua Phillips. Later, Mr. Dudley Brown and his family of eight occupied the home, and thus is derived the “Brown House” moniker.

When Harvey and Ruth Brooks purchased their 500 acres, the Brown House was part of the property. Never ones to waste anything, they attached their kitchen to the old house, and used one section as a “Morning Room” [which was a popular term at the time to refer to the prep./work area for the kitchen and housekeeping staff.