Allandale Beginnings

How Mrs. Brooks idea for a "quaint little farmhouse" became anything but.Read More

The Brooks Family

Learn about the remarkably unique folks that got this whole thing started.Read More

The Brown House

A small cottage along Old Stage Road became part of Kingsport history. Read how.Read More

Allandale is host to a rich history that intersects at key points in Kingsport history throughout the last century. But alot can happen in that time, so we've broken it up into digestible points of interest for you. Explore this list of helpful links at your leisure and learn how Allandale came to be a key East Tennessee landmark.

Click on any link below to begin your tour through the history of Allandale's interior furnishings.

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How the grounds were designed.
Allandale - private home to public venue.
Main Foyer
Dining Room
Living Room
Living Room Painting
Master Bedroom
Allandale Library
Green Bedroom (or "Groom's Room")
Pink Bedroom (or "Bride's Room")